I am Chuck Allen, owner and operator. Located in Grapeland, Tx, Allen Piano is a second generation piano and organ business specializing in restoration, regulation, repair and relocation. It is an extention of Allen Music Center, owned by A. Charles Allen, also in Grapeland.

A. Charles Allen is CEO of New Piano Sales (see Pianos/Organs for Sale page.) Born in 1932 he began tuning pianos around 1948. I (Chuck) am the oldest of three sons that have followed in the piano service industry. Brother #3 David Allen has the Virginia Branch (Allen Piano at Christiansburg VA.)

My Wife Sheryl and I started Allen Piano in Grapeland in 1978. We both graduated from Stephen F. Austin University with degrees in piano preformance, voice and choral conducting, respectively.

Today we have a customer base of over 5,000 in the greater East Texas Area, including Houston and Dallas. Our Services Include:
-Normal wear and tear
-Damage Assessment
-Installation of PianoDisc

Of Pianos and Antique Reed Organs:

We hope to hear from you soon!